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Hi my name is Elisa and I am making this site to talk about my low carb diet of today I have been on the low carb plan for 9 weeks and have lost 51 I go along I will write about not only my progress but my mistakes and my weak days...I want to thank all my new friends at the low carb support chat room for helping to keep me honest and excited about this program and for all of their encouragement.....and a special thanks to my daughter Brandi for being my inspiration to get fit and healthy in the beginning..if  not for her I may not have began this journey....and thanks to my crazy buddy Terry for keeping me laughing through it all, thanks Shoe Queen {private joke lol}

The text above was written back in the first week in June of 2004...and today is December 19th...boy did I keep up with this site or what ,,,LMAO. Well I am gonna try and clue you all in as to how things went and are going okay

5 Weeks in

Well in all honesty the first two weeks into this diet I felt like crap...headaches, tired all the time,withdrawl from sugar Imean just crappy, but I made it through, however it took me to the 5th week in to feel like and decide to start getting some excercise....I would never in my life (even when I was in my teens and twenties and weighed 120 pounds) have dreamed of walking into a gym and working out. I am very much an introvert and do not do well in crowds, but guess what I joined a freaking daughter and I joined the local YMCA and for the first week or so it was like going to a whole new wonderful world...I wasnt very good at it and miostly just wanted to go and get into the pool, and could barely do 10 minutes on the treadmill (my daughters' weapon of choice was the elyptical.. I call it the death machine lol) but I worked my way up to 30 and 40 minutes and incline as high as it would go, man did it feel good to see that last five minutes lol, but it felt even better to accomplish this routine...I also did some strength training which I really liked but think my daughter found boring...after all she was up to 40 minutes on the DEATH MACHINE... I never managed more than 3 minutes on that thing......

This is me before Low Carb..taken in the summer of 2003

This is my latest ...taken in Oct. 2004

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.